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"Nasser Al-Kharafi, born 17 June 1944 in Kuwait, was a pioneer of Middle Eastern business and his devotion to business development was evident through his keen commitment to Egyptian industry and infrastructure.

Kharafi Group invested over USD 7 billion in 35 sectors of the Egyptian economy.

Al-Kharafi's devotion to Egyptian business began with the expansion of Americana Group early in the 1970’s and continued with the birth of the Egypt Kuwait Holding Company (EKH) in 1997, which he chaired until his death. In the years since its founding, EKH has become a pillar of Egyptian business and a key source of US Dollar stocks in the Egyptian market.

His commitment to business development was not limited to Egypt. In 2004, King Abdullah II awarded Al-Kharafi Jordan's Independence Medal. He was also honored by the Federation of Arab Engineers in Damascus in 2007 and awarded an honorary PhD from the American University in Beirut.

He is survived by his wife and five children."

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